Why We Do This?

People looking for a pet deserve a better experience

Our process ensures that people looking for a pet are able to make a more informed decision and buy responsibly. We are increasing transparency in the breeding community and allowing people to rate their breeders.

Professional breeders deserve recognition

Pickapaw breeders are professional experts committed to producing the best examples of their breed and who have a reputation to uphold. Most importantly, they do breeding out of passion for the breed and want to share the joy of animal companionship with others. We want to share their expertise with the public.

Animal overpopulation

In North America alone, every year 8 millions cats and dogs are ending up in shelters and are being euthanized due to irresponsible breeding practices of backyard breeders and puppy mills, neglect, lack of transparency in the industry, lack of awareness and customer education. We created  an educational resource on Puppy Mills with our own black list of breeders to avoid!

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