We know that you are passionate about your animals and strive to produce the best examples of your breed. We at Pickapaw are providing you the tools to reach your customers effectively and share all your knowledge and support with them.

Pickapaw Diligence

We manually check and approve all listings on the website

We only allow Pickapaw verified breeders to create litter listings

We monitor the number of listings made by each breeder

We create a culture of transparency and allow the public to review and give ratings to breeders

We also try to visit the breeders if possible to ensure that the facilities are adequate and comfortable for animals

Breeders we are looking for

Part of one of the approved registries

Do genetic testing for relevant breeds

Provide health guarantee and registration papers

Take animals back in case of owner abandonment

Keep pup/kitten at least until 8-10 weeks old and do not sell via pet stores & pet brokers

Provide ongoing post purchase support to the customers


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Help with our mission

We are on a mission to build a network or ethical and responsible breeders. We at Pickapaw believe this is the only way to eradicate the puppy/kitten mills, educate people on how to purchase pets responsibly and improve the quality of breeders community.

Reputation and Credibility

Animals deserve to be purchased with dignity, rather than from a mass classified website. This is an important decision in every family’s life and we want to treat it as such. We have created a reputational system that enhances transparency and builds your virtual presence.

Privacy and Security

We appreciate the fact that the majority of breeders do not want to reveal their home address for privacy issues. We only display the City, State and Postal Code on your breeder profile. We also allow breeders to choose whether they want their location to be visible on our search map or hidden. Pickapaw also keeps your contact information such as your email and phone number secure by providing you a special Pickapaw mail account.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. We abide by the Data Protect Act 1998 which covered a number of statutory rights for users. This means that we will not share, trade or sell the information you provide to a third party without your permission and that we take all appropriate security measures to protect your information.

All the features are free

Registration and listing your litters is completely free on Pickapaw. However, you do need to adhere to our code of conduct. Please read Terms of Use and Pickapaw Code of Ethics prior to registration.

Discerning buyers

We at Pickapaw target discerning buyers who are looking for a better experience. This is not an impulse decision for them and their needs are not being served by the mass classified websites. As a result your animals are more likely to live with families that truly care about the animal well-being and can provide better care. These are also people who want to build a relationship with a breeder and are open to any advice/information.

Top Search Rankings

Pickapaw site is optimized to appear high on Google search and also active in social media channels. This exposure allows to increases your visibility online and leads to a much wider audience of potential customers.


We are striving to create a community of ethical breeders and to promote responsible animal ownership. Please help us with this mission by adhering to the Code of Ethics below:

  • You should not, without prior disclosure, to the best of your knowledge and ability sell any pet who is sick, has been exposed to an infectious disease or has not attained a proper level of immunity against common infectious diseases.
  • You should interview the potential buyer to understand the buyers’ intention and what environment the animal will be living in.
  • Make sure you sell the animals directly to the new pet owner and in a manner that will enable you to contact the buyer and provide on-going education and advice. The breeder should check that the buyer has a solid information foundation about the breed and animal care prior to the purchase.
  • We do not allow to sell kittens and puppies until they are at least 8 weeks of age. This is the minimum age at which they should leave their mother.
  • Only purebred animals are allowed to be listed on the website. The animals should be advertised in the correct breed category. The Animal Pedigree Act makes it a federal offense to sell an animal of a recognized breed as, purebred, registered, or eligible to be registered if it is not. Only registered pets can be advertised. The breeder is obligated to provide a duly transferred certificate of registration to the buyer not later than three months after the sale.
  • Responsible breeding is costly, hence we do not allow to transfer animals for free. The minimum purchase price for a puppy or a kitten is $500.
  • When advertising puppies and kittens, you should allow the new owner to view them at home with their mother and father if possible.
  • You should not arrange to meet buyers at locations other than your home. If a buyer requires the animal to be shipped, please get an appropriate transportation insurance and take every precaution to make sure that the animal is transported in comfortable and secure conditions.
  • Pets cannot be advertised if they have been or will be imported from other countries.
  • Do not advertise any banned breeds and animals that are on the endangered species list.
  • Pickapaw does not allow the sale of cats or dogs by Pet Stores.
  • Pets that are pregnant should not be advertised through the website.
  • Pickapaw is against unethical treatment of animals. We will listen very closely to our community for any reports of unhealthy animals that were offered for sale or purchased.
  • To join the website you need to be registered in one of the below professional associations:

Dogs: Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), The Kennel Club (TKC), Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), NAVHDA (NAVHDA), International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS), American Border Collie Association (ABCA), Australian National Kennel Counsel (ANKC)

Cats: Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), The International Cat Association (TICA), Canadian Cat Association (CCA), American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), Governing Coucil of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)

We can change the animal industry

Create Transparency

Decrease number of animals in shelters

Educate public on responsible animal ownership