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Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers
Dolores, Colorado, United States
Timeiconwhite Member since: June 27, 2016
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About Me

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers is located at the National San Juan Forest, near the beautiful little town Dolores in Colorado.
We raise our dogs on our little ranch and they live with us in our beautiful log home and enjoy 12 acres space of grass, trails, hills and fresh Colorado Country air. All our Standard Biewer Terriers and Chocolate Biewer Terriers are DNA tested and AKC registered. Most of our dogs are imported from European Champion lines. We are a member of the Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA) and are USDA and state licensed.

Miracle Puppy Formula, 1 year ago

  • Intsagram rmbt logo Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers
  • This recipe is from Myra Savant Harris. She posted it on Facebook in 2012 and we made it for a sick puppy girl named Ms Donna. Thank You :)

    You need:

    10 oz can of evaporated goats milk
    1/3 cup of strained liver water
    2 raw egg yolks
    1 Tablespoon of canola oil
    1 cup of whole fat plain yogurt
    1 tsp of any color of karo syrup, white, dark or maple
    1 ml of baby vitamin, no iron

    Jared found most of it at our local organic store. You can substitute canned evaporated cows milk too. If you use fresh goats milk you will not have as many calories per cc but the product is still nutritious for puppies. Don’t dilute the canned goats milk; you are after the calories! Don’t worry about using raw yolks, it is fine for the canine of any age for the benefits of the carotene and the fat. For the liver water just boil the heck out of a piece of liver. It will release its taurine into the liver water and it will make sure that your puppy formula has the correct amino acids to prevent juvenile cataracts. The baby vitamins are better without iron because iron can cause constipation. Just the strained liver water can also help to booster a puppy that’s not really thriving.

    Mix everything in a blender, strain and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, just keep the formula cubes in a plastic bag in your freezer and use as needed for bottle feeding or tubing. If you find that the formula is a little bit thick, just thin it with some Pedialyte or fresh goats milk or even water.

    Breeder's Info

       16 Years breeding
    • Dogs, Biewer Terrier
    • Other Registrations: Biewer Terrier Registry of America, RKF, Biewer Terrier Registry of America
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    Customer Reviews

    Renee Hartt


    This place is the Biewer Terrier Paradise. I work here and I can't think of a nicer place for these dogs to live at. The dogs live inside the family's home. They have bedrooms and indoor play areas for bad weather days. They also have a nice grooming and bathing area. They get home cooked lunch and their teen daughter and myself are brushing many Biewer Terrier teeth :) Everything is perfectly clean and the dogs have access to a gigantic outdoor fun park with lots of grass, toys, logs and rocks.There is no road, no traffic or neighbors. The dogs can bark, dig, play and chase all day long. They have bathing and grooming schedules for every dog. It is very well organized. All dogs are DNA tested, breed tested (MARS) and health screened. Their vet does home visits and knows all the dogs. They keep their newborn puppies and the moms in their bedroom and take turns. I am happy to answer questions or give first hand information about Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. There are a lot of rumors and negative comments from other breeders out there. Nothing of that is true. Contact the people that got their dogs here and the people that have been here and left reviews for them. They are the only ones that know.



    Very loving family environment. Wonderful ranch for dogs to run and live in a healthy open fresh spacious country setting. Her dogs are beautiful. The very best around. She has Biewers that are incredible. Understands the European registration and pedigrees. Looking forward to buying her puppies.

    Ronnit Shanny


    I am truly looking forward to visiting this lovely ranch in Dolores, CO. Once I discovered this whimsical charming and bright newer breed, I began my research. This family owned ranch and breeder have clearly demonstrated their love of the breed. Their time, their commitment, their devotion to these babies are irrefutable. Nothing more enjoyable than seeing an entire cavalry of whimsical, beautiful and loved dogs en masse smothering one with kisses, running and playing in the fresh clean air. I consistently see excellent specimens brought about by good breeding practices, lots of hard work, and ensuring & promoting the health and quality of this breeds' future are first and foremost at the core of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers' philosophy. Their love, devotion, time and energy has brought so many smiles to so many people. It's not easy setting out to do what Jared and Karen Hansen (and family) have achieved on a large scale especially with a newer and rare breed. These kind people have a true gift with animals, and they are very personable with humans as well. I would recommend to any and every dog lover to just take a few minutes to view any of their homemade videos and the footage, as it speaks for itself. I look forward to seeing continued success in their breeding program. Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous and top notch.

    Barbara Shermann


    My Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier, Mikki, (formerly Ms. Veronia) joined our family at the end of June. She is a gorgeous, healthy puppy, who is full of love and playful mischief. Because I have a protective vet (wants to spare me the heartache of getting a dog with health issues) and because Mikki is very tiny, he ran regular blood work and fasting bile acid testing as part of her initial evaluation. Additionally she had an orthopedic evaluation to rule out luxating patellas. Mikki passed all tests with flying colors! Furthermore, my vet stated that he'd never seen such a tiny dog with such straight legs and perfect knees. Karen has been honest and forthright throughout the entire process, answering my barrage of questions during weeks of decision making and then again when preparing for Mikki's arrival. She has remained a supportive and informative resource as questions arise and has continued to respond promptly. Jared stepped in to resolve a transportation snafu due to an airline-cancelled flight to ensure that Mikki arrived safely with the courier that same day. Based on my experience with the Hansens and the health and temperament of my loving Mikki, I highly recommend, without reservation, Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers.

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