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Top 10 Most Exotic Cat Breeds

Most of us go to a local zoo to see exotic animals, but it is possible to have an exotic pet at home  –  and it could be a cat! Yes, they are numerous...

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Pickapaw Breeder Spotlight: Meet NHSiberians Cattery

Meet NHSiberians, a responsible cattery of  CFA and TICA registered Siberians cats in New Hampshire, United States. NHSiberians is a Pickapaw trusted breeder of Siberian breed famous for low allergens and majestic long-haired coat. Pickapaw Interview with NH Siberians How did...

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Pickapaw Breeder Spotlight: Meet Trina and her German Shepherds

Meet Trina Johnston, a responsible breeder of CKC registered German Shepherds in Ontario, Canada. Trina is Pickapaw trusted breeder of GSDs and owner of Boom Lake’s German Shepherds that focuses on temperament, conformation, structural soundness, good health and...

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