Why Pickapaw?

Pickapaw is a secure and easy to use platform that was created especially for you. We know that you are passionate about your animals and strive to produce the best examples of your breed. We are providing you the tools to reach your customers effectively and share all your knowledge and support with them. Here are some of the reasons to join:

Help with our mission

We are on a mission to build a network or ethical and responsible breeders. We at Pickapaw believe this is the only way to eradicate the puppy/kitten mills, educate people on how to purchase pets responsibly and improve the quality of breeders community.

Pickapaw is free, contrary to a personal website

Registration and listing your puppies/kittens is completely free on Pickapaw. However, you do need to adhere to our code of conduct. Please read Terms of Use and Pickapaw Code of Ethics prior to registration.

We know that the majority of responsible breeders do not breed often and paying for the creating, hosting, domain, SEO and maintenance of a personal website may not be financially reasonable. Moreover, the template websites will have a very limited functionality and, let's be honest, sometimes have outdated designs. We at Pickapaw provide you with all the features, such as customer references, pet profiles, listings, news, photos to replicate the information you would put on your website and take care of the user friendly interface and the design. Also, our website is mobile responsive which is becoming increasingly important in the modern world.

Reputation and Credibility

Pets deserve to be purchased with dignity, rather than from a mass classified website. This is an important decision in every family's life and we want to treat it as such. We have created a reputational system that enhances transparency and builds your virtual presence.

Privacy and Security

We appreciate the fact that the majority of breeders do not want to reveal their home address for privacy issues. We only display the City, State and Postal Code on your breeder profile. We also allow breeders to choose whether they want their location to be visible on our search map or hidden. Pickapaw also keeps your contact information such as your email and phone number secure by providing you a special Pickapaw mail account.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. We abide by the Data Protect Act 1998 which covered a number of statutory rights for users. This means that we will not share, trade or sell the information you provide to a third party without your permission and that we take all appropriate security measures to protect your information.

Top Search Rankings and Social Media Presence

Pickapaw site is optimized to appear high on Google search. This task is very difficult for individual small websites. Pickapaw is also active on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This exposure allows to increases your visibility online and leads to a much wider audience of potential customers.

Discerning Buyers

We at Pickapaw target discerning buyers who are looking for a better experience and pet quality. This is not an impulse decision for them and their needs are not being served by the mass classified websites. As a result your pets are more likely to live with families that truly care about the animal well-being and can provide better care. These are also people who want to build a relationship with a breeder and are open to any advice/information.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know at help@pickapaw.com

Team Pickapaw