Why Pickapaw Breeders?

Our Pickapaw members share our values of ethical and responsible breeding and as a community we are working towards making this a norm. We strongly believe that pets deserve to be introduced to new families with more dignity. Our process ensures that people looking for a pet can make a more informed decision and obtain support from our breeders. Here are reasons why you should get a pet from our member:

Avoid puppy mills

Finding a breeder is a complicated process (we know - we have been there!). Search is cumbersome and there is no guarantee that a breeder you find is responsible. With abundance of Puppy Mills in North America it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a breeder who is truly passionate and cares about the animals. Pickapaw is our battlefield against puppy and kitten mills and an attempt to improve the breeding community. The majority of Pickapaw breeders will only breed when they receive sufficient number of enquiries. Responsible breeding is complicated and expensive and ethical breeders do it out of love and passion for their breed, not out of financial incentives. Do not settle for anything less than an experienced and responsible breeder. We as a society spend so much time choosing the best doctors, cars, insurance, schools etc. Getting a new family member should be treated seriously as well.

Healthy Pets

No one can guarantee you that your animal will never have a medical problem, but buying from a responsible breeder increases you chances of getting a healthy and well adjusted pet. Animals sold by puppy and kitten mills are often unhealthy and end up in animal shelters. Our breeders perform genetic health testing which we believe is very important for purebred dogs. Breeding healthy pets (and most of our breeders carry out health testing prior to breeding) is key in reducing the risk of pet illnesses and hence the emotional distress and suffering of the family and animal. Providing the puppies/kittens with the best possible quality of life is one of the main priorities for our breeders.

Expert Knowledge

Our breeders are professionals with years of experience. They have dedicated their lives to learning about the breed, health, care and training of animals. We believe that everyone deserves a professional service, especially in this industry. Our members possess invaluable expertise and knowledge about the animals and this is a great resource to tap into. Ask them any questions and also check out our Discussions board for current trending topics.

Ongoing Support

Pickapaw is a place where buyers can not only find an ethical and responsible breeder, but also build a relationship with the breeder and get ongoing support. Majority of our breeders offer life-time support for the pets bred and will be there for you 24/7 in case you need them.


A pet is a family member. This is why it is so important to make a right choice and find a responsible and reputable breeder. Pickapaw breeders have a reputation to uphold in the show ring and at working trials. They care about every customer and their pets and strive to breed only the best examples of their breed. If the customer can not longer keep the pet, the responsible breeder will always take the animal back. Pickapaw has a reputational system that consists of reviews and ratings which allows public to assess breeders. This is an incentive for breeders to provide the best service and experience for the customers. All of them have agreed to abide by our Pickapaw Code of Ethics.

Convenience and Security

We now offer an integrated payment system for puppy/kitten reservation deposits on our platform. We will also keep track of your transactions in case you will need this information.

Create Your Community

Getting a pet is just the beggining of a long and happy journey. We allow you to connect to other pet enthusiasts, discuss issues, share tips and create communities to brag about your pet all day long!

If you have any ideas on what we could do better, please let us know at help@pickapaw.com

Team Pickapaw