A gorgeous companion for anyone, the glamorous Laperm is all about its beautiful curly fur. With a striking coat and playful personality, this breed can make a devoted pet, but also a champion of feline competitions. The Laperm is definitely pretty to look at, but its charm comes from its behavior, often resembling a naughty child. It’s very friendly and easy to get along with, so a perfect addition to homes that already have other pets or children.

LaPerm Breed Information

The Laperm has its origins in 1982, in Oregon, when a brown tabby gave birth to a bald kitten that later turned out to be curly. She went on to produce heirs that inherited the curly coat, much to the surprise of the owner, which took note of it after a few years. She noticed that it was a gene carried by both males and females, so in all kitten litters they produced, there was bound to be at least one bald kitten that would grow up to become curly. The owner eventually entered one of these exceptional creatures in a cat show, which generated a lot of excitement and interest. Finally, after a few years, in 2002, this breed was recognized by the International Cat Association as the Laperm, meaning wavy or curly. Laperm is also recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association and the breed is generally outcrossed to longhairs, or shorthairs, both domestic and non-pedigreed, in the interest of retaining genetic diversity.
The Laperm is very mischievous and will often be involved in one naughty activity or another. Highly intelligent, this cat breed is known to get into your stuff, open doors with its paws, steal things, or even tap you on the shoulder. While not a clingy cat, the Laperm is happy to accompany you in your daily activities and sit on your lap, on your shoulder, on your arm, etc.
  • Activity level: 4/5 (moderately active)
  • Intelligence level: 5/5 (very intelligent and mischievous)
  • Curiosity: 5/5 (an inquisitive nature that leads it to sniff through your belongings)
  • Friendliness: 4/5 (patient and friendly with everyone, including children)
  • Vocal: 2/5 (not very vocal)
The Laperm is a very special cat, in that its coat is unique. It takes its name from it, as Laperm comes from “wavy” or “curly” and “perm” is known to be a treatment that makes hair curly. This is a small cat with proportional features and large ears. Its straight, broad nose leads up to a flat forehead and the flared ears on the small head.
  • Fur: The fur on the Laperm is, by far, its most distinctive feature. While as a kitten, the Laperm is hairless, it quickly grows up to have beautiful curls in all different colours. The coat is not smooth, but textured; stroking it has been likened to stroking a mohair.
  • Eyes: Almond-shaped eyes of several different colors.
  • Body structure: Small to medium, but athletic, the Laperm is a strong, hearty cat, owing to its background.
  • Facial features: A Laperm can be recognized by its almond-shaped eyes, large, ears, rounded features, flat forehead and broad, straight nose.
  • Weight: This breed is small, averaging at 5 to 8 pounds. It is considered mature at 2-3 years old.
Health and Care
The Laperm is not known to have any particular diseases, hereditary or otherwise. While it does not have an increased chance to get sick, it doesn’t mean it cannot. However, as long as it is kept safe and fed accordingly, Laperm is a strong cat due to its tabby, non-pedigreed background. As far as care goes, their curly coat is surprisingly easy to maintain. It only needs to be brushed once a week, and it will not moult often. The eyes and ears of the Laperm need to be kept clean, and its nails have to be trimmed.
We have gathered this information from our breeders based on their experience with this breed. However, remember that each animal is different with its own personality and needs (just like people!), so use this information wisely. Do you know more about this breed and want to share your knowledge with us? Send us an email at
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