Coton de Tulear

Also known as ‘Coton’, French for ‘Cotton’, this breed has a notable feature – its cottony or fluffy coat that helps the onlooker to identify it from other fluffy dogs. This is a purebred dog that has a gentle and friendly nature which makes it ideal for home owners with kids, cats and other dog breeds.

Coton de Tulear Breed Information

The origin of Coton De Tulear can be traced to the region called Tulear in Madagascar. Historical facts state that a dog that closely resembled this breed swam to this region following a shipwreck but there are no details available regarding the ship name or its destination. Some breeders opine that these dogs accompanied the passengers of European ships while it anchored in the port of Africa and the ones that were left behind or gifted, bred with the local terriers to produce the modern day Coton De Tulear. Later this dog was reintroduced to Europe. The dog was honored in 1974 by featuring it on the postage stamp of Madagascar. AKC recognized this rare breed in 2014.
The Coton De Tulear is a family dog and loves to please people. It does not like being separated from its family, demands extra attention and loves training sessions with food rewards. It can perform clownish acts just to keep its owner happy and express its affection by licking people.
  • Activity level: 5/5 (hyper active)
  • Intelligence level: 4/5 (very observant and adapts quickly to changes)
  • Curiosity: 5/5 (very curios)
  • Friendliness: 5/5 (is very friendly with people and animals)
  • Vocal: 2/5 (barks only when required – to alert when doorbell rings or when it spots an intruder)
This dog has a sturdy and small body with a hard appearance which is rightly complimented by its profuse white coat which is soft and looks like cotton. It has an arched top line and a curvy tail on the back.
  • Fur: It has a soft and supple coat which is similar to the texture of cotton and has no hard or rough texture to it.
  • Eyes: It has round shaped eyes with an eye colour that is black or brown. Its eye rims also have a black pigmented look.
  • Body structure: The body structure of Coton De Tulear is much longer than its height, giving it a lengthy and nicely developed chest with a slightly arched neck, muscular shoulders and upright legs.
  • Facial features: The expression of Coton De Tulear is lively, happy, alert, inquisitive and intelligent which blend well together to portray their joyous attitude.
  • Weight: An adult Coton De Tulear has a body weight between 5.5 KGS to 7 KGS.
Health and Care
The Coton De Tulear is one of those healthy dog breeds which are not prone to many health conditions. However some dogs might experience health issues such as CHD or Canine Hip Dysplasia, Legg Calve Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation and PRA, for which the vet might perform eye, hip and leg examinations and suggest X ray tests. For genetic condition like Legg Calve Perthes Disease the vet would ask for a DNA test. The fluffy coat of Coton De Tulear demands daily grooming to prevent it from knots and tangles. This breed is not a shedder and will lose a few hairs only while brushing or combing its coat. The hair of the feet must be trimmed to prevent it from matting and a grooming session each month is advisable. The Coton De Tulear needs regular walks and limited feeding portions.
We have gathered this information from our breeders based on their experience with this breed. However, remember that each animal is different with its own personality and needs (just like people!), so use this information wisely. Do you know more about this breed and want to share your knowledge with us? Send us an email at