Popularly known as “hot dog”, the Dachshund is a small sized scent hound that is always ready for any kind of adventure and has bold, timid and curious traits. This dog loves to dig, hunt and track scents of different kinds. In spite of being independent, it loves to take part in activities with its family and is very attached to kids at home.

Dachshund Breed Information

There is no definite evidence which shows that this breed was found before the 16th century. The origin of Dachshund dog is in Germany where it was bred to accompany the hunter to perform the tasks that were earlier performed by the French Basset Hound. This dog is considered to be the descendants of German Schweisshund as it looks like its version with short legs. Some evidences state that this dog was developed by crossing Spaniel and Terrier breeds to give it some hunting qualities. This explains why there are long haired and wirehaired varieties available in Dachshund breed apart from the standard one. The small sized dogs were used to hunt badgers and foxes while the standard ones hunted boars. In 1885, American Kennel Club recognized it officially.
The Dachshund has a distinct personality, which is a blend of brave, clownish attitude and fearlessness. It has a strong determination and is very courageous, and therefore approaches a stranger with a rash attitude. In spite of being a small sized, canine, this dog never gives up and fights until it has averted the stranger or intruder.
  • Activity level: 4/5 (has high energy)
  • Intelligence level: 4/5 (quick learner and observer)
  • Curiosity: 5/5 (curious about all things around it)
  • Friendliness: 3/5 (can be slightly reserved shy with strangers and other pets)
  • Vocal: 5/5 (loves to display affection and anger by barking loudly)
It has a low slung body that is long, with a smooth gait that withholds the immense amount of dexterity and stamina the dog displays every now and then. A Dachshund’s body features a strong muscled look with a tapered waist that allows it to move about with great ease.
  • Fur: This dog will have any one among the 3 coat types such as long coat that has a silky feel, hard and thick wiry coat and smooth coat with glossy short hair.
  • Eyes: It has almond shaped medium sized eyes with a deep and dark eye color.
  • Body structure: It has a long and muscular body structure supported by very short legs with a pliable skin sans wrinkles, a pointed long tail, folded ears and muscled trunk.
  • Facial features: The Dachshund has a confident demeanour which is well portrayed by its intelligent and pleasant expression the face wears.
  • Weight: A standard Dachshund weighs more than 11 pounds after completing one year of age.
Health and Care
The Dachshund breed has an average lifespan of about 14 years and common ailments include Cushing’s Disease, gastric torsion, diabetes, deafness, KCS, patellar luxation and deafness. However these conditions can be kept at bay if your take your pet to your vet at regular intervals and by feeding him in frequent intervals with limited portions of dog food. Some of the major diseases that some dogs might experience are spinal issues, intervertebral disk issues and obesity. Your vet will perform an eye test as a part of regular health check, if your dog has two colored eyes as it might cause hearing issues and eye issues. The Dachshund dog needs regular bathing, grooming and brushing to keep it clean. Also perform regular ear checks and trim the nails often as it has very long nails.
We have gathered this information from our breeders based on their experience with this breed. However, remember that each animal is different with its own personality and needs (just like people!), so use this information wisely. Do you know more about this breed and want to share your knowledge with us? Send us an email at help@pickapaw.com