Siamese cat breeders in Louisiana, United States Siamese in Louisiana

Siamese cat breeders in Louisiana, United States

So, you are looking for Siamese in Louisiana United States? Great choice! If you are not familiar with Siamese characteristics, read our Siamese description. Remember, that the best place to get Siamese in Louisiana United States is via a responsible Siamese breeder. Please see our selection of Siamese responsible breeders in Louisiana United States below. Good luck with your Siamese search!

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West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
I breed: Cats, Oriental Shorthair Cat Fanciers Association The International Cat Association
Cats, Siamese Cat Fanciers Association The International Cat Association

The name Minghou is over 60 years old and was passed to me by my mentor in the dog fancy. The first part of my life was breeding dogs, Pekingese. When we experienced an extensive family illness I w...

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Loreta Serafini

Breeder of over 25 years National Secretary of Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association - over 50 Canadian Champions - Over 20 American Champions - 3x Winner of Canadian National Specialty - 1x Winner of American National Specialty...

Judith Johnson

Siberian Cattery Mystic Melody, home of International and Regional Award Winning Siberian cats and kittens since 2006. Mystic Melody Siberians are known for their exceptional temperament, outstanding good health and natural beauty. We are a state licensed hobby breeder in Atlanta GA, with a small, home based cattery...

Brandon Shantz

Kybra Kennels started in the fall of 2002 with three Siberian Huskies, and has been growing steadily ever since. We have enjoyed learning the personalities of each dog as they have grown and become part of the Kybra Kennels family. As Canadian Kennel Club ...