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Patricia Jordan
The House of Jordan
Luray, Tennessee, United States
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About Me

I have always had a great love of all animals but spending most of my young life on military bases wasn't idea for having pets. When my husband retired we moved to W TN and I started raising German Shepherd Dogs. I was fortunate enough to start with two very good quality females from a young lady that
shared her knowledge about the breed and pedigrees. I started researching and learning as much as I could. I made some great contacts along the way to helped as well. I started importing and breeding all the while studying more pedigrees and learning as much as I could about the breed. This year will make 9 years and I have now a few females for the foundation for my own line. The German Shepherd Dog is truly my life, it is what I do every day. I wanted others to experience what it is like to have one of these intelligent, loyal remarkable dogs in their life. I breed very selectively studying pedigrees to find those that will improve my lines. My puppies are whelped inside where they received lots of attention from children and adults from the time they are born. I have dedicated my "golden" years to raising these wonderful dogs. I have placed 7 of my dogs into service and am so proud they have made such a difference in the lives of others.

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   10 Years breeding
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Customer Reviews

Susan Gebur


I have purchased two dogs from Patricia, one adult male and one older puppy female. I could not be more pleased with how both purchases transpired. She is an honest person with a deep respect and knowledge of the breed and immense affection for her dogs. Both dogs are everything they were represented to be. I highly recommend Patricia as a breeder to purchase a quality German Shepherd Dog from!

Earl and


You could not ask for anyone more trustworthy and honest as Pat Jordan. We have one of her german shepherds and he is a magnificent example of what a full bred german shepherd should be....everyone that meets him can not get over how beautiful he is. Pat stands by her shepherds with her words and actions. We highly recommend if you are thinking of purchasing a german shepherd that it be through her. You will not be sorry or disappointed.

Tori Clark


I first came across the most beautiful German Shepherds I had ever seen on Instagram. I messaged her and asked where she had gotten them, because I had fallen in love with the grace and beauty from just a picture! Thankfully, she told me Patricia Jordan, owner of The House of Jordan. I emailed Patricia, and we talked for weeks. She answered every question I had about purchasing a puppy from her, and with much excitement, I put a deposit down. When it was time to go get him, we drove over 10 hours to there. We got a hotel, and she invited us out that night so I could meet my puppy early! The time, money, love, and effort had shown while touring her kennel. Her dogs have so much room and it is such a wonderful setup. I was very impressed with how she runs her business. The next morning, we get to her home so I can pick up Koda, the most stunningly beautiful German Shepherd I have ever seen/owned. She gave me his AKC registration papers, a little bag of vitamins she has her dogs on, and some treats. Koda is now 13 months old, and we are still in touch so she can watch him grow as I do. I have had over 15 people ask where I have gotten Koda, and I always, without hesitation recommend Patricia. Her love and knowledge for the breed is outstanding and she is without a doubt the best breeder I have come across. We can't wait to add another one of her dogs to our family.

Jessi B


I had a very smooth transaction with The House of Jordan Kennel when purchasing an adult male. Patricia answered all of my questions thoroughly, provided all documentation I requested, as well as made a video for me. (I am 18 hours away, so I wasn't able to go to her kennel to meet Jay). Everything went flawless, and I received Jay via ground transport and he was exactly as advertised. He is a fantastic representation of the breed, and we are very fortunate to have him. If given the opportunity in the future, I would DEFINITELY do business with Patricia again.

CW5 (Ret)


We've owned German Shepherd dogs for nearly two decades as husband and wife and Jim has owned them since the early 70s. All of our shepherds have lived 12 years and beyond, so we understand how important genetics and care play in their longevity. After many months of viewing litters of breeders that hyped their animals as superior to all others, and being disappointed after every visit, we had all but given up. That is-until one last search session led us to Patricia's website. The shepherds on her website contained pictures of the types of dog we were looking for, black and sable with German bloodlines. After contacting her we drove the three hours to her kennel. Her dogs don't reside in a kennel, well the do by definition, but they are living high on the hog, doggy Taj Mahals. Every run ground cover was edge to edge smooth small gravel, super clean, covered, and not a dog dropping in sight, not one! The connecting walkway from the spacious runs entered a heated area that stored all of their food in secure and vermin proof units. We could go on and on but you get the picture. In all our years, to include viewing shepherds in Germany and Czechloslovakia, this is by far the cleanest "kennel" we've ever seen. One other thing that was absolutely remarkable, of the more than 10-15 German Shepherds there there was hardly a peep, not a whine, no aggravated barking...just sitting and tail wagging with the occassional shepherd whistle we all know. After about 30 minutes of politely testing each other to make sure everything was above board, we couldn't stand it anymore and asked to play with the female that we inquired about during our emails back and forth. In a nutshell, another thirty minutes later we are driving home with our new little lady Eliza (now named Shiloh). She's smart, alert and our personal veterinarian gave her a clean bill of health. She garnered a great deal of attention from just about everyone in the facility! After four days, she heads to the door to go out. After day seven she's sleeping through the night. Day eight she barked at the leaves blowing around the yard until they submitted. This has been just an absolutely wonderful experience. From start to finish, and the follow-up emails back and forth to Patricia for updates. She truly loves every one of the dogs she has under her care. Feel comfortable in your dealings with her. Visit her place before you visit other kennels and you will understand. Good luck in your quest



I purchased my dog from Patricia almost seven years ago now. It was a great experience and my dog is everything she promised he would be.

Jan S


We looked at many websites and ads before deciding to visit *only* The House Of Jordan. Patricia Jordan is phenomenal ... very honest, good hearted, and loves her dogs! Not a puppy-mill, and truly loves her dogs and treats then with great care and respect. Her kennels are very roomy, super clean, and the dogs are very well acclimated for fitting into a home life. Most of all, her German Shepherds are beautiful, have excellent conformation, super smart, with well-rounded personalities. Patricia was very knowledgeable in helping us make an excellent choice for our lifestyle. We could not be happier with our pick!!! Thank you so much Patricia for a wonderful experience and for all the knowledge and care you give your German Shepherds!



I can't say enough about our experience with Patricia as a breeder. Our puppy has an amazing temperament. She went above and beyond the call of duty to arrange transportation for our pup, sent food, documents and more. Patricia continues to keep in touch. She cares about her dogs! Our veterinarian was blown away and asked for Patricia's contact info. That should say a lot.

Miles Herr


Patricia is a phenomenal breeder of GSD's. Go visit her property in TN and meet her dogs. Our little man was extremely well cared for and his transition into our family has been seamless. I would absolutely reccomend her if you're looking for a new dog.

Craig Owens


We had an German Shepherd dog in the past and he lived to be almost 15 years old. He was the best dog that either of us had ever had.  We missed him and missed having a companion like him in our lives,... so we started looking for another GS for the two of us.  After thorough research, we found "The House of Jordan". We contacted Patricia and started talking to her. She was very easy to like and her personality was spot on with no pretenses, we loved that about her. We set up a day to go visit her and to see her new litter.  When we arrived at her place, we were more than impressed by what we saw. Her puppies were inside with mama, in a nice big nursing station which was lined with fresh straw and behind a large picture frame window. That way we could see the puppies without disturbing them or upsetting a new nursing mother.  She wanted us to met the father and we got to check out the kennels. We could see right away that they had put a large amount of work and love into this place and you could see without a doubt that these were their babies,... not just a business.  Each GSD has their own habitat with a large outside area that attaches to a very roomy in door and large feeding/grooming area.  It didn't take long to know that they put their heart and soul into what they are doing because it really shows in everything that you hear and see.  Patricia speaks her mind and you will know right where she stands with her babies. When we got our "Hugo", we couldn't believe how easy he is to house train. It's because of how "The House of Jordan" has things setup. Dogs will not poo where they sleep, they will go to the outside area to do their business. So, as long as you can get them outside often and regular,... they will not go inside. The only few times that it has happened, is our fault, not the dog's. My husband and I have been taking shifts and it's always between 5am and 7am that any accident has happened. So now we are fully aware to have him out during that time. We would recommend any GS from "The House of Jordan" to anyone. They are so smart and loving with incredible personalities.  If you ask Patricia and listen to her, she will give you some very valuable tips and information on raising a healthy, happy GS family member. 

Ann Marie


We lost our 10 year old shepherd to cancer in January. My husband (who said no more dogs) asked me if I was going to get another German Shepherd. I started looking on the internet and contacted GSD breeders only to be disappointed that they would just respond if they had puppies or not. I was not wanting a puppy at the time; I wanted to build a relationship with a breeder for when I was ready for a puppy. I stumbled upon House of Jordan and I never looked at another breeder. Patricia was so supportive and completely understood that I was not ready to purchase a puppy. We communicated though email for months. When I was ready for a puppy she let me know when and who she was going to breed and when the estimated arrival time for the puppies. I was so excited and she shared every bit of joy with me. Once the puppies were on the ground, she sent me pictures every week. We then went and meet her in person and saw her facilities. I was blown away by the care and condition of her dogs. Every dog was in top shape and with great temperament. The kennels/runs were all clean and very large. The dogs were excited to see us and met us with kisses. Her German Shepherds have excellent bone structure, beautiful temperaments and brilliant minds. We picked out our puppy and he has exceed expectations. He came to us knowing his name, how to play fetch and adjusted to living with us seamlessly. I am still in contact with Patricia. She has taught me so much about the GSD. She truly is an advocate for the breed and her GSD dogs and puppies. I highly recommend her, if you are looking for a puppy or an adult German Shepherd Dog.

Suzanne Arnkoff


My husband and I were looking for a first rate adult male German shepherd to replace one we had recently lost. By chance we wound up at Patricia Jordan's in West Tennessee where we had the good fortune of seeing her magnificent collection of GSDs. Her kennels are immaculate. Patricia is as honest and genuine as one can be. Her devotion to her dogs and her breeding operation is impressive. Selling us Reb'L , an incredibly handsome and well trained adult male was a blessing for us and heart wrenching for her. She has been totally available via phone or email to respond to any questions We had. I continue to communicate with her daily as we have become friends. I would not hesitate to recommend The House of Jordan to anyone looking for a magnificent and well bred GSD.

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